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Swift Industrial Part Washers allow you to clean parts and components with hot water and detergent. Part Washers work similarly to an industrial dishwasher. Parts are loaded on a rotating turntable and then sprayed with heated solution from the top, bottom, and sides through v-jet nozzles. Unlike a dishwasher, part washers reheat, filter and reuse the cleaning solution. Swift Industrial utilizes washers from Jenfab, they offer five different types of part washers to ensure you get the right machine for your application. If you have a special application or size requirement, custom design services are available. Contact Swift Industrial Cleaning Solutions to discuss your cleaning challenges.

PCS Front Load Spray Cabinet Parts Washers

The PCS line of front-load, spray cabinet parts washers has evolved into one of the best your money can buy. The PCS not only provides precision cleaning, but also reliability that makes these systems a standard in the cabinet cleaning industry.

Front Load Parts Washer

Choose from a variety of standard models or have a custom unit designed and built with turntable diameters up to 120” and weight capacities up to 50,000 pounds.

Contact Swift Industrial today, we can assist with your cleaning needs.


  • Vertical Pump Systems ~ Reliable and efficient
  • Watlow Heat Elements
  • Industrial Controls ~ Lighted Switches
  • Mechanical Door Seals ~ No rubberized seals that WILL leak!
  • Large Swing-Out Doors for Full Access ~ There is not a more accessible turntable on the market
  • Gear Drive Turntable ~ Over current protection, eliminates slippage associated with friction drive systems
  • Option Ready Shelf ~ Not sure what options you will need? Our machines come ready for simple Plug-N-Play option installation infield
  • Low Water Shut-Off ~ Protect your heat elements from low water conditions
  • Swing away Spray Manifolds ~ For better impingement on smaller parts
  • Bushed stainless steel nozzles
  • “V” Notched door on 50” and larger machines for easy access to the center of the turntable with an customer supplied overhead hoist system

Optional: All of the PCS units can be purchased with the following equipment to help customize the systems to your own specific needs:

  • Disc Style Stainless steel Oil Skimmer

  • Oil coalescing systems

  • Stainless Steel Construction with All Wetted Components- SS2 package

  • Auto Water Fill

  • Particulate Bag Filtration

  • 1 or 2 Function Timers

  • Re-circulating and non-recirculating rinse stages

  • Heated and non-heated blow off stages

  • Sludge extraction systems

  • Steam exhaust systems

  • Pump upgrades

  • Heat upgrades

  • Weight capacity upgrades

  • Gas and Steam heat options

  • Insulation packages

  • Service disconnects

  • Dual turntable options

  • Custom fixturing


What breaks down the Dirt and Oil?

We combine a custom cleaning solution with other factors like time, temperature, and mechanics to remove oil and grease from parts. Oil skimmers and coalescing systems can be added to any aqueous parts washer.

How does a parts washer work?

Swift's parts washers harness the four factors of cleaning: time, temperature, agitation, and chemistry. Heat and agitation aid the aqueous cleaning solution in removing soils. These factors can accelerate the cleaning process. Cleaning solution flows through parts washers like this:

  1. Swift's cleaning solution is housed in a tank.
  2. The solution is sprayed onto the parts.
  3. As the solution is sprayed, it is collected and filtered.
  4. Used solution is filtered and pumped back into the tank for reuse.
What should you consider before purchasing a parts washer:

You should consider the size of the parts you need to clean, how many parts you need to clean and your specifications. Your budget, workflow and available floor space also play into the type of machine that will work for you.

Are parts washers easy to use?

We develop parts washers that are easy to operate with minimal training. Our automatic parts washers include programmable logic controllers with touch screens and simple dials and buttons.

Are parts washers water-based?

Yes, Swift's parts washers use water-based cleaning solutions—also known as chemistries.

Orca Roll-In Door Parts Washer

Eliminate the need to manually clean parts with an old scrub tub, pressure washer or potentially harmful solvents. Jenfab’s Orca roll-in door automatic parts washer offers superior cleaning that can pay for itself in less than one year through avoided labor costs. It is ideal for heavy or light-duty cleaning and the roll-in door design makes it a good fit for small spaces. The Orca is available in three standard turntable sizes of 25, 31 or 36 inches and includes a host of standard features the competition lacks. Let the experts at Swift Industrial help you get the right machine for your needs.

Every Orca comes equipped with:

Sprocket-Driven Turntable The turntables eliminate chains, belts or tire drives that can stretch or slip resulting in poor cleaning performance, increased maintenance and component replacement.

Oil Skimmer The Orca parts washer comes equipped with a stainless steel oil skimmer, ideal for extending solution life and washing parts with high oil residue.

Seven-Day Programmable Timer for Heat and Oil Skimmer Save time and money by programming the Orca to operate only when necessary.

Auto Water Fill Keeps water levels full for peak performance every wash.

Also Included:

  • Precision V-Jet Brass Nozzles
  • Mechanical Door Seals
  • Forklift Access Pockets
  • Chip Basket
  • 60-Minute Wash Timer
  • Swing Down Spray Bar
  • Vertical No-Seal Pump
  • Low Water Shut-Off System
  • Overfill Drain

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